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Frequently Asked Questions

*I Need Help Installing my safe!
Please remember that all our safes come with a predrilled hole for bolting down. Its easy and fast, however, if you feel you need help with installation it is a service provided by a third party safe installer. Typically, required for safes that are over 600 lbs, or if you are unable to install it yourself. Not to be confused with the Inside Delivery service provided by the freight companies (see "What Is Inside Delivery?").

*Electronic locks (also see Why an Electronic Keypad?) (learn more)
Described here is the LG Basic electronic lock used on most safes, with the exception of media and fire safes. Please see the product pages for detailed information on the electronic locks on these safes. If you need to upgrade to a higher end electronic lock with features such as dual user, audit trail, time delay, time lock, etc. are also available as upgrades on most safes. Please call us!
We leave electronic locks preset on the factory default combination: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Changing the combination by the user does NOT void our warranty and it is highly recommended.

*How do I change an electronic combination?
To change the combination on an electronic lock:

1.) enter six zeros (000000),
2.) enter the existing combination once, and
3.) enter the new combination twice.
Detailed instructions on how to operate your lock will be shipped inside your safe.

*How Do I Get More Keys?
If you have a safe with a dual key lock, these keys can be duplicated by a certified locksmith or order now online with us before we ship our safe.

*How do I track my order?
Upon shipment of your order you will receive a notification email with your shipment tracking number. (Most of our safes are being delivered by UPS.) You will be able to use this information to track your shipment directly with the freight or package carrier. All freight companys will call you to arrange a time for delivery.

*Government and Schools PO Orders
We do accept PO orders from pre-approved clients. Here is the process involved:1.) In order to be approved for PO invoicing, you can either email or fax us your credit reference sheet, or complete and return our credit application form. 2.) We will notify you when your account is approved by Accounting (usually takes 1-3 business days) 3.) Upon approval, you can submit your PO and we will fulfill your order.

*What is a combination lock? (dial)
A combination lock is a lock that is unlocked by dialing a combination. Although it can refer to both mechanical and electronic locks, the term combination lock describes a mechanical lock.
Mechanical locks are operated through a dial, which you spin to the left, then right, then left, then right again to open the lock. The dial mechanical locks that we install on our safes will be preset to a unique 3 number combination. This is a $75 value! Other companies ship the safe without setting the combo. Forcing you to contact your local locksmith to set the combo for you. Changing the combination by the user voids our warranty.

*What is a dual key lock?
A dual key lock is a key lock that requires two keys to open. Usually found on drop safes, depository safes, and other type safety deposit boxes at the bank. This is a very affordable and effective lock that requires both keys to be turned before the lock unlocks.
The advantage of this lock is that it can require two people to be present before it will open. There are two keys, the "gaurd" key and the "user" key. The "guard" key is the single key that matches all dual key locks. The lock ships with one copy of this key and it should be turned first.
The lock ships with two copies of the "user" key. This key must be turned after the guard key. The user key will turn further (about three eights of a turn) than the guard key (which only turns almost one quarter turn).
It is important to realize that the keys must be inserted with the teeth pointing either up or away from the hinges (depending on the safe model and the boltwork configuration).Many keys come with a code on them. Please make sure that you keep track of the code written on each key and that you use the correct key with the correct safe. It is somewhat hard to find a locksmith that can duplicate these keys in some small towns. It is howerer referred to an S&G Blank and it is quite common.

*Do I have to pay extra for Residential delivery?
Thanks to our special rates, this is FREE from us...unlike from many other companies. Freight companies charge a fee for making deliveries to residential areas. Residential Delivery Service is charged by the freight company at its discretion. Please note that thisis on all safes except for FireKing safes.

*What is a Liftgate?
Delivery is transportation of the shipment to your location only. A lift gate is a mechanical lowering device that can be used to offload your shipment from the back of the delivery vehicle. All of our safe deliveries come with a FREE liftgate service unless the safe is a small one and does not require it. This is as much as a $100 value that many of our competitors charge extra for.

How Soon can I receieve my order?
Please give us 1-2 working days to process an order after receiving payment. We offer delivery via UPS, UPS Freight and R&L Freightways. The area of the country in which you live will determine delivery time. Usually 3-8 working days after an order is processed.

What if my safe is damaged?
All safes are inspected prior to loading on the freight truck. In the event that damage occured during shipmentyou must REFUSE the order and we will send you a new safe. If you accept a damaged safe you will have to try to get reimbursed by the freight company. For your satisfaction do not accept any safe delivery without inspecting the safe first. If there is damage do not accept the safe.

How to pay?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Each of these transactions conducted over the internet takes place in a secure environment (SSL). We also accept checks and money orders, but there will be a 30 day hold on your purchase from the date we receive your check. We will set up an account for those companies that pay with PO's.

For More Information on our Shipping Policy please see SHIPPING & RETURNS.

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